Visa Credit & Debit Cards Accepted at Lucky Star Casino

Visa Card & Online Gambling

Visa is one of most used payment method in online gambling. This is hardly surprising as this card is one of the most trusted and convenient methods of payment around. Nearly all Visa transactions worldwide are processed through VisaNet at one of two secure facilities that are heavily secured against natural disasters, crime, and terrorism; can operate independently of each other and from external utilities if necessary; and can handle up to 30,000 simultaneous transactions and up to 100 billion computations every second that are checked past 500 variables including 100 fraud-detection parameters. 

Visa offers through its issuing members the following types of cards:

- Debit cards     (pay from a checking / savings account)
- Credit cards    (pay monthly payments with or with out interest depending on a customer paying on time)
- Prepaid cards (pay from a cash account that has no checkwriting privileges)


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The other reason, except safety, why Visa is one of most used method in online casinos, is convenience! Everybody knows what Visa is and most people have and use it in one part of their life. It takes no effort to aquire it and use it. Grabbing it and punching in those numbers in the cashier is just the easiest way…


Visa Debit, Credit & Prepaid Cards in Lucky Star

From dozens of credit card brands available, VISA is one of the most commonly used cards in the world, so we, as a casino, understand most of our players will have and use it to make transactions in and out of LuckyStar. 

Although we, here in LuckyStar, accept VISA and MasterCard as deposit and withdrawal method, it is still quite possible your VISA / MasterCard won’t be accepted. There are numerous reasons for your Visa card not to be accepted, such as: some credit card companies and financial institutions don't allow their cards to be used in online casinos, some are quite good at coding what is allowed with the card and what is not. Let's mention that your Visa card can be rejected even if it is allowed to use it in online casinos. It can be for any number of reasons: no sufficient funds (please include any possible extra charges – like conversion fee if your Credit Card is in a different currency than your casino account), self (or bank) imposed limit / limits on the Card (Daily / Weekly / Monthly expense limit, international transfers limit, online shopping limit, etc.) 

Please note that, even if you successfully make a deposit with a Credit Card, it is still possible you won’t be able to make a withdrawal to that card – again, some Credit Cards can’t accept payments to them…

If nothing helps and you Credit Card just won’t go through, there is always a possibility to try an alternative method – and there are plenty of methods here in LuckyStar, from prepaid vouchers, to electronic wallets to, more and more popular – bitcoin.

Just contact kind and professional Support Agents and they will help you with anything you might need.