LuckyStar Casino Accepts MasterCard (Debit & Credit) in 2024

MasterCard in Online Gambling

Although many alternative methods have emerged during the years, faster and more reliable methods, such as Skrill, Neteller and various other electronic wallets (e-wallets), prepaid vouchers and, lately, bitcoin, Credit Cards are still most commonly used method for deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. It is pretty clear why is that – convenience! Everybody knows what are Credit (and Debit) Cards and most people have and use them. 


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There dozens of brands of Credit / Debit Cards out there, but let’s narrow it down to four most common ones: VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Diners. Those four represent the majority of Credit Cards in the world. One of them stands out as biggest and most commonly used brand in the world: MasterCard. LuckyStar Online Casino proudly accepts Mastercard in 2020 (Debit Mastercard & Credit Mastercard).


MasterCard in LuckyStar

Why MasterCard? It’s simple actually. MasterCard is most commonly used card in the world, so we, as a casino, understand most of our players will have and use that brand of Credit Cards and we are happy to accept payments with that card.

Although we, here in LuckyStar, accept MasterCard as deposit and withdrawal method, it is still quite possible your MasterCard won’t be accepted.

Why is that?

Again, answer to this is quite simple. There are thousands and thousands of different banks, credit card companies and financial institutions issuing MasterCard-branded Credit Cards worldwide and it is those banks and institutions that set the policy on how and for what the cards can be used.. Some allow the cards to be used for online gambling, some don’t. Some are quite good at coding what is allowed with the card and what is not, while others are not as good. If you combine all that, it is nearly impossible to know for sure will your Credit Card be accepted or not and, if it is not accepted, why it’s not accepted…

Furthermore, your Credit Card can be rejected even if your bank allows online gambling. Now why is that? It can be for any number of reasons…

First of all, please make sure there is enough money on the card to make the deposit you want (please include any possible extra charges – like conversion fee if your Credit Card is in a different currency than your casino account). There are enough funds, but the deposit is still rejected… What else can be there?

Another thing that can interfere with the acceptance of your deposit is self (or bank) imposed limit / limits on the card. There are numerous limits which can be set on any card, by you or by your bank: Daily / Weekly / Monthly expense limit, international transfers limit, online shopping limit, etc.

Please note that, even if you successfully make a deposit with a Credit Card, it is still possible you won’t be able to make a withdrawal to that card – again, some Credit Cards can’t accept payments to them…


What Can You Do to See if Your Credit / Debit Card Will be accepted

There are couple of things or a couple of steps you can make to check if your Credit Card is more likely to be accepted or not:

    1.    You can contact your bank or financial institution that issued your Credit Card to check if online gambling is allowed with that Credit Card.
    2.    While at it, you can also make sure are there any limits on your Card and remove any limit(s) that may get in the way of you using your Card for gambling.
    3.    If you are not sure, do check if it’s possible to receive payments on that particular Card – this will be important when you win and want to make a withdrawal.

All that being said, there is only one way to know for sure and that is to make a deposit (or to try at least). If it fails, you can always contact our Live Chat support or send us an email to [email protected] and we will check the reason transaction failed on our end.

If nothing helps and your Credit Card just won’t go through, there is always a possibility to try an alternative method – and there are plenty of methods here in LuckyStar, from prepaid vouchers, to electronic wallets to, more and more popular – bitcoin. Just contact kind and professional Support Agents and they will help you with anything you might need.