LuckyStar Casino accepts Wire Transfer for Players Withdrawals

Why are Bank Wire Transfers Used for Online Gambling?

Bank Wire Transfer is in most online Casinos, including LuckyStar, available for withdrawals only. It is regarded as plan B, C, or even plan D for withdrawals of player’s winnings – a safety net of sort – if anything else fails or is unavailable, Bank Wire Transfer is there to make sure players get their wins! LuckyStar Casino accepts wire transfer withdrawals.


Bank Wire Transfers as a Last Resort for Withdrawals

Bank Wire Transfer is considered as “the last resort” for withdrawals for 2 reasons:

1.    It takes “forever” – depending on the banks in question, withdrawals via Bank Wire can take anywhere from couple of business days to a week or more…This is the main reason why players (and casinos) try to avoid this method for withdrawals and resort to it only if there is no other way to send player their wins.

2.    Other reason(s) are the facts that minimum withdrawals are much higher than usual (100$ inside EU and 500$ outside EU most of the times) and that there are always fees when Bank Wire Transfers are used – something both players and Casinos try to avoid.