PaysafeCard Casino 2024 – LuckyStar accepts PaysafeCard Deposits

Why is PaysafeCard Used for Online Gambling?

PaysafeCard is a Prepaid Card (or a Voucher) that can be used to make payments on the internet. Along thousands of other payments, you can make on the internet with your PaysafeCard, you can use it to Deposit money to your Casino account.

PaysafeCard is a company established in the year 2000 with a headquarters in the city Vienna, in Austria. Over more than a decade, PaysafeCard became a leading prepaid online payment solution, available in a wide range of countries and used by millions of people in more than 5000 web shops, internet service and various other online pay-sites (including most online Casinos). LuckyStar Online Casino accepts PaysafeCard in 2023.

Paysafecard is accepted here - LuckyStar


How Does PaysafeCard Work and Where Can You Get the Voucher

PaysafeCard system works with cash money, meaning you will have to buy PaysafeCard with cash in any of the half a million outlets worldwide. You will receive a “ticket” with a 16-digit PIN code. You can then use your PaysafeCard, typing in that PIN, in any of the websites licensed to receive PaysafeCard payments.

You can buy PaysafeCard on a number of places;supermarkets, gas-stations, tobacconists, post offices, newsagents, etc. You can even download PaysafeCard “Outlet Tracker” as an app on any Android or iOS operated mobile device and easy find the nearest vendor selling PaysafeCard Vouchers.

Nowadays, you don’t even have to go and buy a physical “ticket”. You can, instead, buy a virtual PaysafeCard “ticket” online, using your Credit Card, an online Bank Transfer or some other method. In that case, a “virtual” PIN code is provided that you can use for payments (deposits).

The values in which you can buy your PaysafeCard are 10€, 25€, 50€ and 100€. However, this varies from country to country and from currency to currency. The Card is available in a number of countries and currencies and it can be exchanged to represent the equivalent of any other currency that is supported.

PaysafeCard is valid for 12 months “for free”. After that period, a 2€ fine is charged (deducted from the value of your PaysafeCard “ticket”) on a monthly basis.


Depositing with PaysafeCard

Using PaysafeCard to deposit to your Casino account is extremely easy.Simply choose PaysafeCard as a deposit method in the cashier, enter the value of your PaysafeCard / the amount you wish to deposit (if your PaysafeCard is in a different currency than Casino’s account, a small fee can be charged – please do keep this in mind in case your deposit fails, simply try a bit lower deposit) and enter your PIN code. That’s it! You are set to play and spin all your favorite slots.

Its worth mentioning that Australian online casinos are no longer accepting Paysafecard payments. Australian based Paysafe Casinos now use other alternatives such as Neosurf.

Withdrawing with PaysafeCard

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to withdraw money to your PaysafeCard from your Casino account. You will need to provide an alternative transaction method to withdraw your winnings. E-wallets, Credit Cards or, as a last resort, Bank Wire Transfer.

(Please note that a deposit with any of those methods, except Bank Wire Transfer, is needed first, so the system recognizes that transaction method as a deposit method on your account before it will allow you to ask for a withdrawal with that method.)