Deposit with Neosurf vouchers at LuckyStar Casino in 2024

What is Neosurf?

Similarly to the well-known PaysafeCard voucher system, Neosurf has built a name for itself as a safe and reliable payment option that keeps the players' activity fully hidden while playing at online casinos.

What differentiates Neosurf from PaysafeCard is its broader spectrum of serviced countries. While PaysafeCard restricts residents of most countries from using their vouchers at online casinos, Neosurf can be used for gambling virtually all over the globe.

Neosurf - So Simple to Pay & Play Online


Where can you buy Neosurf vouchers?

Neosurf vouchers can be bought at a variety of retail stores and gas stations across more than 80 countries as of 2023.
You can find all stores that sell Neosurf vouchers on their site.

Alternatively, you can open up a myNeosurf account for free which allows you to easily purchase vouchers from the safety of your home and still keep the same level of anonymity when depositing at online casinos.

Or buy the vouchers from one of the online resellers like Dundle. Do note that thrids party resellers like Dundle may include small fees for their services. Such fees will be listed online, however.

Using Neosurf vouchers at a casino

As of June 2023, Neosurf now requests that all users have to create and verify an account before using their voucher system.

Even though their new requirements may seem unappealing to some, rest assured that the entire process is pretty straightforward and it has to be done only once.

All you have to do to conduct a successful Neosurf deposit is to create and verify your Neosurf account. That can be done in only a few easy steps.

Once you have created an account:

Neosurf account - Step 1

You start by going into your account settings – The wheel next to Log Out button.

After which you can navigate to the "Documents" Tab where you can upload all that is necessary.

Neosurf account - Step 2

All requirements and the option to edit your personal data will be seen and available in the

Neosurf account - Step 3

"Documents" Tab

Neosurf account - Step 4

You can upload the files by clicking on the "Upload File" button.

Once the documents are uploaded, they will be revied by Neosurf and your account will be verified.

After that you can deposit as many times as you want with no other requirements.

Neosurf funds withdrawing

Given the fact that the Neosurf system is based on one-off vouchers, players technically cannot withdraw their winnings back to a voucher. However, winning can be withdrawn to a myNeosurf account with acts as both an e-wallet and a Neosurf voucher store. Worth mentioning is that myNeosurf doesn't allow transfers from their e-wallet to bank accounts registered in certain countries. Such notice should be shown in your myNeosurf account.

For more information freely contact our live chat agents or Neosurf reps directly here.