LuckyStar Casino Accepts InstaDebit Deposits & Withdrawals 2024

InstaDebit is a service for online payments, somewhat similar to PayPal. The service is basically providing a platform for you which you can use to make online payments directly from your bank account to the Casino account – to your Casino account. The system is available in over thirty countries and thousands of websites.

InstaDebit Accepted Here

To be able to use InstaDebit, you will need to register an InstaDebit account. This will take only a few minutes and will require you to provide a valid email address, some personal data and the details of the bank or financial institution that will fund the InstaDebit payments. Once created, your InstaDebit account is immediately ready for use. LuckyStar Online Casino is proud to accept InstaDebit deposits as well as InstaDebit withdrawals in 2023.


Deposits and Withdrawals with InstaDebit

Making a deposit with InstaDebit is really simple. In the Cashier, simply choose InstaDebit as a deposit method, enter the amount of money you wish to deposit, login onto your InstaDebit account and subsequently check and confirm the deposit details. The deposited amount will be available on your casino account instantly.

Your InstaDebit account can be used to withdraw funds from your Casino account as well. The process is the same as with deposits: go to Cashier, enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw, choose InstaDebit as a method and confirm your request. The funds will be transferred from your Casino account to your InstaDebit account as soon as possible.


How is InstaDebit Used

There are couple of ways how InstaDebit can be used for payments (deposits).

First one is to use InstaDebit as you would use PayPal for example, as a platform via which you will transfer (deposit) your money from your bank account to your Casino account – avoid giving your bank / card details to the Casino. To fund the InstaDebit payments this way, a Fast Bank Transfer is used (with a processing time of 3 to 5 banking days).

Second one is to transfer (upload) the money from your bank account to your InstaDebit account (in advance) and then use the funds already on your InstaDebit account to make the transaction (deposit). This transfers (deposits) will be Real Time Transfers (processed instantly).

Please note that you can, besides your bank account, link your e-wallet accounts as funding sources for your InstaDebit account.

The benefits of using InstaDebit payments are:

•    Easy to make
•    Safe and reliable
•    Carried out instantly
•    Small service fee charges (less than 2 CAD)
•    Anonymous (InstaDebit doesn’t disclose any personal or banking information)


Where is InstaDebit Available

  Real Time Deposits   Local Bank Transfer Services
  Austria   Australia
  Belgium   Austria
  Czech Republic   Belgium
  Denmark   Czech Republic
  Estonia   Denmark
  Finland   Estonia
  Germany   Finland
  Hungary   Germany
  Italy   Greece
  Lithuania   Hungary
  Netherlands   Ireland
  Poland   Italy
  Portugal   Lithuania
  Slovakia   Netherlands
  Spain   New Zealand
  Sweden   Poland
      United Kingdom